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Island Massage Therapy ~ North Kingstown, RI

Massage Therapy ~ Birth Doula Services ~ Ayurvedic Bodywork

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Nasya & Karna Purana Treatment with Marma Point Therapy 1 Hr


Nasya is the Ayurvedic Practice of administering a special oil with a dropper into the nose. This can simply help with dryness and sinus irritation. It also has the benifit of 'Brightening the Eyes", refreshing and cleansing the brain and sinus cavities.

Karna Purana is the Ayurvedic Practice of administering warm oil (organic sesame or jojoba) into the ears, one ear at a time, and alowing it to sit while the area around the ears is massaged. While it sits, your sense of hearing is blocked off and you may have a sense of being underwater. This can give you an opportunity to journey to your quiet inner space.

Marma Points are considered to be points of intersecting tissue and energy in the body also acting as 'Mystical Junction Points' between body, mind, and spirit. Activating Marma Points allows light and prana to enter the body. ~ Using particular patterns of activating these Marmani along with specific pressure (generally fairly light, but can be firm) can bring the body into very deep states of relaxation.

These practices can all be done individualy, but when combined into this 1 Hour session it is truly divine.

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