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Island Massage Therapy ~ North Kingstown, RI

Massage Therapy ~ Birth Doula Services ~ Ayurvedic Bodywork

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Polarity Therapy Session ~ 1 HR


Polarity Therapy is an Energy Based form of bodywork developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, an Osteopath, Naturopath, and Chiropractor who traveled the world many times studying various philosophies of healing including Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. 

The goal of this work is to create harmony and balance within the body and beyond, allowing all of our systems to work together harmoniously and symbiotically. Using very precise points along meridians, gentle rocking and muscle release techniques, sound, and energetic clearing using quartz crystals, the body is rocked, pressed, soothed and sung into harmony.

A Polarity Therapy Session is done fully clothed, so be sure to wear something extra cozy!

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